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Support Stands for Roll-A-Ramp portable ramps G-3612


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Sold in PAIRS. Choose from 5 heights (see height guide below). 

Roll-A-Ramp requires that their ramps have support stands if longer than 10 feet. These support stands allow you to use your Roll-A-Ramp at lengths 11 feet and longer safely while maintaining its weight capacities. 

Roll-A-Ramp support stands are required for any ramp longer than 10 feet. We suggest placing a pair of support stands approximately every 6-7 feet. The support stands attach to the ramp using t-handle bolts and block-nuts provided. No special tools are needed. Our custom ramp support stands are adjustable based on the height ranges below. Stand may also be placed anywhere on the ramp.

G-3612-XS  Extra Short Support Stands 6”-9” adjustment range (15cm-22.9cm)

G-3612-S  Short Support Stands (short) 10”-13.5” adjustment range (25.4cm-33.7cm)

G-3612-L  Long Support Stands 15.75-21.5″ adjustment range (40cm-54.6cm)

G-3612-XL Extra Long Support Stands 23”-35″ adjustment range (59cm-89cm)

G-3612-XXL  2XL Support Stands (2X long) 35.5”-52.75″ adjustment range (90cm-134cm)

Choosing the right height is simple. 

1. Determine how long you ramp is. 

2. Determine the maximum height of your ramp (the top of the slope to the ground). 

3. Divide the length by 2. (This is where the supports will go). 

4. Divide the maximum height of the ramp by 2. (this is the height of the support you should choose to fit halfway down the ramp, calculated in step 3). 

In other words, the height of support you need is determined by the height off the ground of the ramp halfway down its length. Halfway down the ramp should be half the maximum height of the ramp. Therefore, this is the height you should choose. 

For example, if you need a 15 foot ramp and your maximum rise/height is 30 inches, then (30/2 = 15") your supports should be 15 inches tall (Long support stands G-3612-L) and they would go approximately 7.5 feet down the ramp (15' / 2 = 7.5'). 

The Roll-A-Ramp® Advantage

Exclusive Feature: Make multiple ramps from ONE system — no special tools required! Decide what size ramp you need—at the time you need it—and later re-configure to a different length! Ramp system is versatile to adapt to different situations!

How is this possible?
Create a separate shorter ramp: Roll-A-Ramp® can be split anywhere along the ramp into two or more sections with our Quick Connect Pins and used as separate shorter ramp. Use one size ramp at home—use a shorter ramp on the go.
Example: An 18 foot long ramp could also be two 9’ ramps or three 6’ ramps by splitting it into shorter sections and attaching extra approach plates.

No need to order other ramps: Order the Modular Ramp System and quickly configure to any ramp length you choose. 

The only system able to create multiple ramp combinations using one ramp system!

Roll-A-Ramp Return Policy

We get it. Sometimes situations arise where you may request a return. The following policy is agreed to at time of purchase. 

Please contact us at BEFORE returning any products. If product is damaged on arrival, do not sign for it. Always inspect shipment before signing for it. Take pictures of and retain all original packing if damage is suspected. Please contact us immediately if item arrives damaged before attempting a return. 

There is a 20% restocking fee. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Refund is issued upon successful return of items in acceptable condition with restocking fee deducted. 

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