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Roll-A-Ramp® Modular Ramp System - Loop End Handrail on One Side, M30-1L/M36-1L

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The Modular Ramp System by Roll-A-Ramp is the COMPLETE ramp package for home or business. Includes everything you need for your chosen length. 

  • Lengths 5'-30' (See guide below)
  • 2 width options: 30" or 36"
  • This model has Loop End Handrails on ONE side.
  • Rust proof, lightweight, aluminum construction
  • Can support 1,000 pounds!
  • Patented design allows you to easily roll the ramp up for transport or storage. 
  • Great for temporary or long term use
  • Made in America
  • Unlimited 10-Year Warranty


Welcome to the Roll-A-Ramp® Modular Ramp System! Available ramp sizes for modular kits in 30″ and 36″ widths, modular ramps begin at 5′ in length up to 30′ Call us if you need a longer ramp and we’ll work with you.

The Roll-A-Ramp® Modular Ramp System can be configured to any length needed. This is an excellent alternative to building a permanent wooden ramp and a good option for wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, or any accessibility need. Unlike some ramps, where once you reach a 10-foot length you are limited to a modular system designed to stay in place, the Roll-A-Ramp® gives you the versatility of having a portable system at any length! Longer ramps are easily split into multiple sections. In most situations, you will not need a building permit to place a ramp in front of your home because the ramp is portable and does not alter the permanent structure of the home. Handrails can be added to one or both sides. Using platforms (small landings) you can create a ramp that has a 90 degree angle turn.

All-Inclusive System

  • Everything you need to set up the ramp is included. 
    • Single or multiple ramps spliced together depending on length
    • Handrails (if selected model)
    • Adjustable support stands (depending on length selected)
    • Quick release pins 
    • Upper load bearing approach plate
  • Simply pick the model with your desired handrail configuration.
  • Choose desired ramp width: 30" or 36".
  • Select ramp length
  • Add to cart!

Choosing a Length

What length do I need?

- General rules: 1) Measure vertical height of steps or landing in inches. 2) Divide by 2 to get length needed in feet. 
- Example: 24 inch height divided by 2 equals 12. So 12 feet of ramp needed.

Length determined by use:

  • Public Use: ADA compliance requires a 1:12 slope ( or 1 foot of ramp for every 1 inch of vertical rise). 
  • Walking, Manual Wheelchairs, Power chairs, Scooters: Vertical rise divided by 1.5. (Example: 24" rise divided by 1.5 = 16' ramp length)
  • Walking, Manual Wheelchair with able-bodied helper, Power chairs, scooters: Vertical rise divided by 2. (Example: 24" rise divided by 2 = 12' ramp length)

Ramp Length Calculator


Ramp Length Calculator >>


Need a platform or special landing surface brackets? Simply contact us

Handrail Configurations

Rollaramp loop end handrail

This model has Loop End Handrails on ONE side only.  

More Handrail Options >>

The Roll-A-Ramp® Advantage

Exclusive Feature: Make multiple ramps from ONE system — no special tools required! Decide what size ramp you need—at the time you need it—and later re-configure to a different length! Ramp system is versatile to adapt to different situations!

How is this possible?
Create a separate shorter ramp: Roll-A-Ramp® can be split anywhere along the ramp into two or more sections with our Quick Connect Pins and used as separate shorter ramp. Use one size ramp at home—use a shorter ramp on the go.
Example: An 18 foot long ramp could also be two 9’ ramps or three 6’ ramps by splitting it into shorter sections and attaching extra approach plates.

No need to order other ramps: Order the Modular Ramp System and quickly configure to any ramp length you choose. 

The only system able to create multiple ramp combinations using one ramp system!

Roll-A-Ramp Return Policy

We get it. Sometimes situations arise where you may request a return. The following policy is agreed to at time of purchase. 

Please contact us at BEFORE returning any products. If product is damaged on arrival, do not sign for it. Always inspect shipment before signing for it. Take pictures of and retain all original packing if damage is suspected. Please contact us immediately if item arrives damaged before attempting a return. 

There is a 20% restocking fee. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Refund is issued upon successful return of items in acceptable condition with restocking fee deducted. 

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